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How To Clean Your AC Condenser Coils

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Does it seem like the air conditioner doesn't have the airflow that it once had? Are your utility bills getting bigger and bigger during the summer? If you have these problems, it could be because your air conditioning condenser unit is dirty. Luckily, cleaning and servicing parts of this appliance is a simple process for which you don't need any tools or experience. This article explains how to clean your condenser coils.

Finding the Coils

First of all, you need find the condenser coils. This is very easy because the coils usually line the exterior walls of the condenser unit. However, they are covered by aluminum sheets. These aluminum sheets are vital in the condensing process. You will notice that they have thin ridges. These ridges are often called fins and they are responsible for transferring heat way from the actual coils. If this heat transfer process is hampered, your condenser will have to work harder and use more energy to cool off. This will effect airflow and cause the unit to use more electricity to cool itself off.

Cleaning the Coils

Most often dirt in between the fins is the cause of reduced coil deficiency. Luckily, cleaning them out is quite simple. Before you do any work on your coils, you want to make sure the power is shut off to your condenser unit. This usually means you have to hit the breaker switch. But, it is also smart to turn the thermostat off. This way you can be sure that your condenser won't power on while you're working on it.

In most cases, all you need to clean your condenser coil is a hose. However, it might also be helpful to have some all-purpose metal cleaning liquid. This should help break down the more stubborn dirt that is deeper inside the coils. Once you spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes to break down the dirt, then wash it away with water. You need a strong stream of water to get all the dirt out. However, a pressure washer might be too powerful, as it could actually bend the coils. Bent fins are just as bad as dirty fins.

Obviously, this project does not require extensive HVAC knowledge or training. However, it can greatly increase the efficiency of your system and ultimately reduce your energy consumption and utility bills. For more information, contact local professionals like Arnie's Dependable Appliance Repair.