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How To Manage Lawn Care For Your Rental Homes

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Healthy lawns make a home look more desirable, increasing both their value and curb appeal. When it comes to your rental homes, there is no guarantee that the tenants will take care of the lawn properly. You generally have three choices when it comes to your rental property:

  • Trust the tenants to value and care for the lawn.

  • Do it yourself.

  • Hire a mowing and lawn care service.

Do It Yourself

If you can't or prefer not to trust the tenants with lawn care, doing it yourself can be a cost-effective option. Unfortunately, it also requires a lot of effort, especially if you have multiple properties to keep up with. During the height of the growing season, the grass may require weekly mowing. You will also need to fertilize, repair damaged spots, edge, and perform seasonal lawn maintenance chores at regular intervals.

Hire It Out

This is by far the simplest and most dependable option. You can simply hire a mowing service and handle seasonal maintenance and fertilization on your own, or you can choose a full-service company that will handle all aspects of the lawn's care.

When picking a service you should look for:

  • Expertise. The best mowing services should have a long history of satisfied customers and only use experienced lawn care professionals.

  • Dependability. Choose a service that provides and keeps to a standard maintenance schedule.

  • Licenses and insurance. Make sure the service has all licenses and insurance as required in your city or state.

  • Full service options. The best service companies can handle everything from mowing the lawn to fertilizing the grass on a suitable schedule. Even if you don't use all the services in the beginning, having them available if you do need them is a bonus.

  • Billing options. You don't want the service to try to collect from your tenants or to expect payment immediately upon completion. Choose a service that will bill you monthly.

Finally, pick a service that is willing to keep you apprised of the lawn's health, even if it means they must make time in their day for a phone call. Although occasional property visits can ensure you the lawn is watered, professional advice can help you avoid a lawn disease disaster or upcoming problem before it happens.

Many tenants consider included lawn care a benefit, which can help you rent your property for full market value. If you ever choose to sell the property, having a well-cared for lawn and attractive outdoor landscaping will be one less thing you have to worry about as you prepare the house for market.

For more information, contact Sound Landscape Professionals or a similar company.