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The Differences Between Wood And Vinyl Windows

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The one decision most homeowners need to make when having brand new windows installed is if they want to go with wood or vinyl. Since each window type has different benefits, it is important to understand what they are in order to make an informed decision.

Price Differences

One main factor that many homeowners consider when buying windows is price. Wood and vinyl windows can actually vary quite a bit in terms of cost. On average, a vinyl window costs approximately $600 to have installed, while a wood window is $800. While the price difference seems small, it can add up quickly as you replace more windows on your home.


Sometimes the type of window you go with needs to match the overall look of your home. An interior primarily made of wood flooring and trim will be complimented much better by a wood window. Vinyl windows are certainly acceptable in a home with wooden décor, but they fit much better in a modern looking home. This is because the look of a vinyl window traditionally has straight lines and simple designs.


The great thing about choosing a vinyl window is that it will be relatively maintenance free. There might be an issue where water is leaking between the two glass panes in the window, but it is not very common. At most, it will just cause the windows to fog up, which will require resealing the edge of the glass to fix it.

Unfortunately, windows made of wood will require more maintenance in comparison to vinyl windows. You will need to paint and seal the surface of the wood every couple of years to preserve the look, or else the wood casing will suffer from damage.


If you are looking for a window that is going to last a long time, your best bet might be to go with a window made of vinyl. Wood is known to have some issues with shrinking, rotting, and warping over time. While it is possible for wood windows to last just as long as vinyl, it does require a lot of regular maintenance.

Vinyl windows will definitely last longer, and are best for homeowners that do not want to bother with regular window upkeep.

Now that you are aware of the key differences between wood and vinyl windows, it will help guide your decision of which replacement window is best for your house. You can also work with a company like Glasshopper Schor Glass to decide which is best for your particular situation – perhaps you want vinyl windows for certain rooms, but wood windows in others.