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Does My Basement Need Waterproofing? Three Ways To Tell

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Before you turn that unfinished basement into a new family room or before it becomes a den complete with pricey home office equipment, you should consider having it waterproofed. Basements that exist below the water table or that are a part of homes that were improperly graded are prone to moist, damp walls. And unless you want to work or play downstairs in a cold, wet space, waterproofing is a good idea. If you're not sure whether your basement needs waterproofing, follow these tips to check:

1.  Check for Pooled Water

If water pools near your foundation after a nice rain, there's a possibility that your ground isn't graded properly. This will cause rain water to soak into the ground (and eventually into your basement) instead of running off in the opposite direction. Improperly graded ground is a clear indicator that you need to have your basement waterproofed. You might also consider having a landscaper in to re-grade your yard.

2.  Check for Mold

If mold or mildew grow on your walls or floors downstairs, you have a moisture problem in the basement. Waterproofing will help to alleviate the issue, but you should still have a professional in to make sure waterproofing is all that's needed. If you have pipes running through the walls or floor in your basement -- for a bathroom perhaps -- mold growth could be an indication that a pipe has burst or is leaking. If this is the case, adding waterproofing won't solve your problem. You must track down and remove the source before finishing your basement if you want to make it completely safe. Inhaling mold and mildew can cause health problems over time.

3.  Check Your Foundation

Wet or dark spots on your basement's interior walls could mean you have a crack in your home's foundation that's allowing water to enter. Foundation repair services are not as expensive as you probably think, and having a professional in to check will give you peace of mind. An experienced foundation expert will be able to assess the situation and offer up the best solutions to prevent water from entering in the future.

The cost of waterproofing your basement is negligible compared to the benefits of having that extra living space that's both comfortable and dry. A professionally finished basement adds resale value to your home, as well. Put your basement to work for you by having it professionally waterproofed by companies like Safe-Guard Waterproofing