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5 Tips For Moving From A Warm Climate To A Cold One

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Are you planning a long distance move from a warm climate to a cold one? If so, there are a few additional steps you should take to prepare for the move. Here, you will learn those steps.

Hire a Moving Company

Since you are likely an inexperienced truck driver, it would be best to leave the moving truck driving to the professionals. When you leave your home, the weather could be warm and sunny, but by the time you reach your new home, the weather could be cold, snowy and dangerous to drive in. Long distance moving companies employ drivers that have experience behind the wheel of moving trucks in bad weather conditions.

Moving Electronics

Since you are changing climates, the distance you are moving is likely quite far. Because of this, your electronics will be in a cold truck for several hours, if not days. You must take additional measures to insulate the shipping boxes that contain your electronics to prevent them from being damaged by the cold temperatures.

Packing Plants

Moving your indoor plants can be one of the most difficult aspects of the move. Like the electronics, they must carefully be packed and insulated from the cold if they are going to survive the trip. Consider hauling the plants in a warm vehicle rather than in the cold moving truck. Not only will this help keep the plants at a warmer temperature, but you have to worry less about the plants getting damaged from jostling around in the back of the truck.

Taking Warm Clothing

Do not pack all of your warm clothes in the moving truck. Depending on how extreme of a temperature difference you are going to experience, consider ordering winter coats online and have them delivered to your home before you move. This way, you can keep them in the trunk of your car while you drive and have them ready to go as the temperatures drop. You do not want to find yourself at a rest stop, hotel, or stranded along the road without a way to keep warm.

Planning for Roadside Emergencies

There is always the risk of finding yourself stranded along the road waiting for a tow truck. Be sure that you have a good roadside assistance policy that covers the areas in which you will be traveling. Also, keep a bin of kitty litter in the trunk in case you get stuck in the snow. The litter can be dumped under the tires to help with traction. Lastly, keep extra blankets in the car to cover up with just in case you do find yourself waiting along the road for an extended period of time.

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