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How To Make Your Family Room Into An Entertainment Center

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Are you turning your family room into an entertainment center? That's what a lot of people are doing today, so join the crowd! More and more people are opting to stay home rather than go to the movies. It has just gotten to be very expensive, as ticket and concession costs are sky high. Besides, there's something special about sitting in your own home with your family and friends as you curl up with pop corn and your favorite soda. If you are redecorating, here are some tips that will make your room great.

The Furniture - Of course, you can go out and buy wonderful recliners that are actually made especially for entertainment rooms. However, that could be expensive, and it's not necessary. Consider buying little tables that will hold your refreshments, and buy some ottomans so people can put their feet up to enjoy the movie. A great idea is to buy bean bag chairs for extra seating. These will be especially nice for kids.

The Decor - Feature your family as the stars of a movie-themed room!

  • It would be a lot of fun to have glamour shots taken of of your family members, each one dressed in fancy clothes and holding a pretend Oscar award. Get the photos made into large posters that will adorn all of the walls. Don't forget to add autographs!
  • Something very special would be to get family members to dress up as characters in movies. Parents could dress up like Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara, little girls could dress up like Annie or Heidi, and boys could be cowboys from old westerns. Just pick your favorites and copy them.
  • Consider ordering vinyl wall decor featuring your family name on it and the words, "We Hope You Enjoy The Movie!"

The Window Treatment - Choose window blinds! Fabric curtains will let too much light in the room, and you want it to be pitch dark for movie viewing.

  • Even if you want to keep your fabric curtains, consider putting window blinds behind them. That way you'll have the decorative look you want, but you can still have a dark room.
  • Wooden window blinds or faux wood blinds would be great for your entertainment center. They're durable and easy to care for. In fact, all they need is to be dusted when you dust your furniture. If you feel they need extra attention, simply go over them with a damp rag and a gentle cleanser. 
  • Window blinds are not only affordable, but they're very durable, and they're easy to install. 

Congratulations on creating an entertainment center for your friends and family to spend many happy hours. (For more information, contact Sylvans & Phillips Drapes and Blinds)