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6 Low-Pollen Flowers For Wedding Floral Arrangements

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Even if you don't suffer from pollen allergies, the chances are good that your guest list contains those who experience significant respiratory distress when exposed to the airborne pollen generated by wedding flowers. Fortunately, you've got many low-pollen floral alternatives available that make gorgeous bridal bouquets and decorative arrangements. Following are six of them.

Closed-bud Roses

Roses are a classic wedding flower that many brides simply don't want to do without, but they also feature high levels of pollen. Fortunately, you can bypass the pollen problem posed by many roses by simply using closed-bud roses in your floral arrangements.


Hydrangeas are graceful, old-fashioned flowers that produce very little pollen. They come in both pink and pastel blue and feature bright green foliage. Hydrangea flowers grow in clusters on the ends of big, lush branches and are ideal for inclusion in large arrangements.


Small but bright, ranunculous flowers provide vibrant white, yellow, orange, pink, and red accents to wedding floral arrangements without bringing much pollen into the picture. Although they are relative newcomers to the cut flower scene, they are well established as a popular garden flower and are often among the first to bloom in spring


Larkspur provides another low-pollen alternative to classic wedding flowers. Flowers come in white, blue, and violet and grow upwards in spires, making them an ideal inclusion in floral arrangements that require two or more feet of height. They have a picturesque, cottage garden look that blends well with other old-fashioned garden flowers.


Snapdragons are another low-pollen, classic garden flower that works well in wedding ceremonies. They come in delicate pastel shades of yellow and pink that almost look like watercolors and make perfect accents when mixed with other cottage-garden favorites such as larkspur and ranunculous. Like larkspur, their flowers grow in spires, making them good additions to arrangements that need some height.


Orchids are mysterious and elegant floral options that release very little pollen into the air. These often work best in minimalist arrangements rather than massed with other flowers -- some brides choose to carry a single orchid in place of a large bouquet, for instance, in order to maximize the unique visual appeal of this particular flower. They also work well when placed singly in vases for table arrangements.

Keep in mind that many florists spray bouquets and other floral arrangements with added scent -- although this scent does not contain pollen, it may nonetheless cause perfume-sensitive individuals to experience adverse reactions, so ask your florist to bypass spraying your flowers with extra fragrance.