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A Guide to Maintaining Commercial Lawn Equipment

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For people who want the freedom of acting as their own boss and the satisfaction of working outdoors and with their hands, lawn care has become an increasingly popular career option. Owning your own lawn care service can be an extremely rewarding venture, but also requires that you take certain steps to make sure your business stays as efficient and profitable as possible.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps for maintaining your commercial lawn care equipment. Following these suggestions will guarantee that you can respond to any job when the time comes, and will put you in a position to provide maximum satisfaction to your customers and generate a great deal of positive word of mouth.

Air Filter Maintenance

In order for the engine of a piece of lawn care equipment to function correctly, it needs to have a clean and clear air intake. Without a clear intake, your motor will ingest dirt and plant material and will be at risk of breaking down and forcing you into expensive repairs.

You should schedule regular checking and cleaning of the air filter of every piece of lawn equipment in your possession. While this may seem like a large labor investment, that investment will be easily justified by the amount you'll save in terms of guaranteeing efficient project completion.

Mower Deck Cleaning

Your commercial lawn mower is the most valuable piece of equipment for your commercial lawn care business, so it's important that you don't allow it to languish in dirt and grime. Plant material trapped against your mower deck can promote rust and metal fatigue due to the moisture, and that can significantly damage the lifespan of your equipment.

You should be sure to clean off your mower deck every single day to guarantee that it stays strong and protected. This will also have the added benefit of enhancing your professionalism, as clients will be sure to notice clean and well-maintained equipment.

Blade Sharpening

People who hire a professional lawn service do so because they expect a certain quality of service to be performed. Dull blades and ineffective mowers will prevent you from truly finishing jobs with the look that highlights all of your skills. In order to guarantee your mowing is efficient and your performance is at its highest level, you should regularly sharpen and maintain your mower blades. Sharp blades make clean cuts, and those cuts will greatly improve the quality of your work. For more information, talk to a professional like Bensalem Lawn Equipment.