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New To Using A Housekeeper? Know How To Make Them Love You As A Client

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Having a housekeeper in your home once a week or every other week is a luxury that many people dream of. If you are just now beginning to realize that dream, you may be wondering how to make your housekeeper love you as a client and want to stick around for as long as you can afford to have them. Here you will learn a few simple things that you can do to make your housekeeper look forward to cleaning your home.

Put Clutter Away

When your housekeeper arrives, they will want to flow smoothly through your home, cleaning everything that they see as they go. Sometimes, clutter can break up this flow because your housekeeper might need to take things from one room to the other to put them away. So before your housekeeper arrives, look over these areas and put away anything that doesn't belong:

  • kitchen and bathroom counters
  • coffee tables and end tables
  • floors
  • nightstands

Ask for Something Special

Instead of asking your housekeeper to do a deep cleaning every time you arrive, choose one thing each visit that you would like them to pay special attention to. It could be vacuuming floors of the closet, wiping down the pantry shelves or anything else that doesn't get cleaned as often as the rest of the home.

Alternatively, you could ask the housekeeper to pick one thing each visit to pay special attention to using their best judgment. Since he or she is a professional, they may already have an idea in mind of what might need a little more TLC.

Empty the Trash

On the day that your housekeeper arrives, do a walk-through of your home to collect and empty all of the trash. The benefit of doing so is that your housekeeper will be able to spend more time on other tasks if they don't have to haul out your trash. Additionally, if your housekeeper uses newspapers to clean the windows, or paper towels to clean the surface areas such as countertops, toilets or other items, they will need some room in the trashcans to discard those items.

Keeping a housekeeper happy is all about ensuring that they have the ability to flow through each room to thoroughly and quickly perform their duties. Putting away clutter, communicating specific tasks, and cleaning out the trash will help your housekeeper perform their duties. In doing so, your housekeeper just might find you to be their favorite client.

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