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How To Have The Greenest, Healthiest Lawn In Your Neighborhood

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If you want a lawn that your neighbors will be in awe of, learning how to maintain healthy grass is the key. Caring for your lawn is simpler than you think and the green grass you might see growing on a golf course is easy to have at home. Check out these steps for helping you have the lawn your neighbors will be talking about.

Starting With Your Lawnmower

Never cut your grass without walking through it to pick up any debris like sticks and pine cones. Taking your lawnmower over debris like sticks can dull the blades. When you cut your grass with dull blades, it can cause growth issues. If you have ever noticed the tips of your grass blades turning white, you can bet your lawnmower's blades are dull and need to be sharpened. Cutting grass with a sharp blade allows the grass to recover faster and to grow greener and more evenly. Also, be sure to set your mower's deck height to three inches. Cutting at two inches or lower can cause the same kind of damage to your grass as dull blades, causing uneven growth.

Feeding Your Lawn The Right Stuff

The products you use for fertilizing your lawn matter a lot when it comes to maintaining the luscious green color you desire the most. Sprinkling ammonium sulfate is one of the most affordable types of nitrogen fertilizers available and works great for helping your lawn remain deep green. If you sprinkle ammonium sulfate over your lawn, it will keep your grass noticeably green for about a week with you doing nothing else. While you should never maintain your lawn only with ammonium sulfate, you can see how potent this type of fertilizer is and how it can help you have that luscious color of green your neighbors will envy. Also, be sure to mix ammonium sulfate with a balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10 for even greater growth results. Always measure fertilizers according to manufacturer instructions. Adding too much fertilizer can burn your grass.

Proper Watering Is Essential For The Greenest Lawn

Any plant, whether it is the grass on your lawn or the potted vine in your kitchen window, will wilt when it needs watering. Checking your lawn before watering can not only save you money for unnecessary water usage, it can also help you avoid over-watering your grass. If you step down on your grass and it does not bounce back within a few seconds, it is thirsty for water. You can step on freshly watered grass and it will bounce back immediately after being stepped on, a sign you have watered enough for that day.

Being able to sit out on your deck or front porch swing and admire your landscape can be a nice experience. Green, healthy grass is an important aspect of your landscape, so learning every way you can take the best care of it is a good idea. For more tips, contact a company like Headman Lawn Care and Christmas Lighting.