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3 Tips To Simplify Caring For Your Landscaping

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If you would really like to landscape your yard, but don't want a landscape design that is going to take you hours and hours each day to take care of, there are certain things that you can do. Making small modifications and adding a few things when you are actually landscaping can make all of the difference in the world. This article will discuss 3 great tips that you can use to simplify caring for your landscaping. 

Install A Sprinkler And Bubbler System 

Moving a sprinkler around your yard each day can be so time consuming, and is very easy to forget. Also, because it is easy to miss patches of grass when you are watering, you are more likely to have dry patches of grass that turn yellow. You will want to install a regular sprinkler system to water all of your grass, as well as a bubbler system to water all of your plants and flowers. The bubblers simply bubble out a small stream of water, allowing your plants and flowers to get the correct amount of water that they need. 

Use Landscape Fabric To Avoid Weed Removal

In order to avoid the tedious chore of removing weeds from your flowers beds and rocks, you can use landscape fabric. If you are using the fabric for a flower garden, you will want to cut small holes around each and every flower. You can then cover the fabric with wood chips, so that it isn't seen. If you are using the fabric to put under your rocks, you can simply lay it down and cut it to fit in the designated area perfectly. A great way to strengthen your landscaping fabric is to layer it up so that you have more than one layer of it. This makes it much harder for the weeds to grow up through it, and makes it so that you don't have to replace it quite as often. 

Use Edging Around Your Lawn, Rocks, And Flower Beds

If you don't have edging between the different areas of your landscaping, they can more easily blend together. For example, if your rocks are touching your grass without some type of edging separating them, then you will likely end up with several rocks in your grass. This can take a long time to clean up, and will likely happen each time someone walks in this area. If you instead use some type of edging between your lawn, flower beds, and rocks, you won't have to worry about anything getting out of place, and clean up will basically be non-existent. 

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