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3 Steps To Take Before Your Chimney Cleaning Professional Arrives

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It is a good idea to have your chimney cleaned on a regular basis. This keeps your chimney from being too messy, allows you to use it safely, and helps you fix potential problems before they become too serious. A good chimney cleaning company will handle the job for you, which will help you ensure that it's done properly and that your chimney is carefully inspected by someone who knows what he or she is doing. Plus, this can save you a lot of dirty, messy, and grueling work. To help your chimney cleaning company get the job done more effectively, take these three steps before your chimney cleaning professional arrives.

1. Clear the Area Around Your Fireplace

Your chimney-cleaning professional will need to be able to get to your fireplace, so make sure that you clear everything out of the way. Removing any pictures or other decorations from your mantle and removing any fireplace guards or tools can be helpful. Along with making the job easier for your chimney-cleaning professional, it will also make clean up a whole lot easier for you when the job is done.

2. Protect Items in the Room

Take a look around the room that your fireplace is located in, and take proper precautions to prepare the items in the room for the chimney cleaning. Anything that is particularly valuable or prone to being stained should be removed from the room if possible. Anything in the room that is not going to be removed should be covered up with either plastic sheeting or cloth drop cloths, such as those that painters use. You should also cover up the floors with plastic or drop cloths. Covering up your items will help prevent them from being affected by any soot that is blown around the room during the chimney cleaning process.

3. Make Room

Your chimney cleaning professional will need room in the driveway for his or her truck, will need room to work around your fireplace and will need to be able to access your chimney. Make sure that there are cleared areas in all of these places so that your chimney cleaning professional can get to work without any problems.

Preparing your home for the upcoming chimney cleaning is important if you want to avoid damage and make the job easier for your chimney-cleaning professional. These are three steps that you should take; if there are others, your chimney cleaning professional will let you know.

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