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What To Do With Your Old Windows When You Replace Them

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When you decide that it is time to replace the windows with a company like Ken Caryl Glass, Inc., you may find yourself wondering what is going to become of those old windows you are taking down. Window replacement companies will take your old windows away and dispose of them for you if you would like. However, if you would rather repurpose and reuse your old windows, there are ways to do that as well. Get to know some of the different ways that you can put your old windows to use in your home to make the most out of your window replacement project.

Make A Picture Frame Out Of Your Old Windows

One of the easiest ways to repurpose your old windows is to convert them into picture frames. You can keep your old windows intact to do this. If your old windows are divided into four or two sections with the frame of the windows, your old windows can be used to frame several smaller pictures or to break up one single picture into interesting segments.

These picture frames or collage frames from your old windows can really spice up your living room decor or fill empty walls throughout your home. And if the frame is wood, you can always paint it a bright and interesting color to contrast with the framed photos and make it more fun.

Use The Windows As Their Own Works Of Art

If you would rather create something a little more abstract and artistic out of your old windows, you can make wall collages or wall art out of just the windows themselves. Hanging you old windows overlapping one another or in a unique pattern or array on any empty wall can give your decor a modern feel without being too cluttered or too minimal.

Your window wall collages can be made of windows with the glass still in place or you can have the glass removed and use only the frames as your decor. Using only the frames puts less weight on the hangers you use and may allow you to create more overlapping designs and patterns.

Create A Mantelpiece Frame

If you have a fireplace with an empty mantelpiece, you can fill it with one of your old windows and create a work of framed art. All you need is to mount or place the window on or above your mantelpiece if you would like. However, mounting a painting, clock, or even a decorative wreath or floral arrangement onto that window will create a uniquely framed work of art that is unlike anything anyone else has in their home.

Now that you know just a few of the ways to repurpose your old windows in your home, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of your old windows after your window replacement is complete.