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Before Investing In Wrought Iron Fencing, Consider These Pros And Cons

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Wrought iron fencing can give your yard a pristine, stately look. However, with a cost of up to $300 per foot including installation, this type of fencing is quite the investment. Thus, it's important to carefully consider the pros and cons of wrought iron fencing before you choose this option.

Pro: Wrought iron fencing offers security.

If you're worried about people breaking into your property, wrought iron is a good choice. It's almost impossible to  bend or cut through this material, whereas someone could easily saw through a wood, vinyl or aluminum fence. As for people climbing over the fence – there are designs with sharp points in the top that can deter this.

Pro: Wrought iron fencing has a very long life expectancy.

Wrought iron will begin to rust, but this process happens very slowly. A wrought iron fence will last for decades, ridding you of the need to replace your fence every decade or so as you would need to do with wood, chain link, or other lower-cost fencing materials. Since wrought iron is so durable, it won't be damaged if a tree limb falls on it or if someone bangs into it with some landscaping equipment. So, you'll have few if any repairs to worry about.

Con: Wrought iron does begin to look rusty after a while.

Iron does rust. You can spray your iron fence with a rust-proofing agent to slow down this process, but as the fence ages, some rust will inevitably begin to appear. If you want a fence that looks pristine for its entire life expectancy, this may not be the right choice for you. Look into aluminum fences, which are less sturdy, but stay rust-free for the entirety of their lifespan.

Con: Wrought iron does not offer privacy.

There's no such thing as a solid wrought iron fence. There are designs with posts rather close together to make it harder for people to see through, but there are no wrought iron fences that will completely prevent others from seeing in. If you need a fence that blocks your property from view, look into vinyl and wood, which come in many solid styles.

Wrought iron fencing is durable, looks classy, and offers security. As long as privacy and a lack of rust are not overly important to you, this fence option will be well worth the cost – especially if you're trying to add a classic appeal to your home's exterior. For more detailed information, contact a fencing contractor like Harco Exteriors  LLC.