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Tips For Choosing Outdoor Drapes

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Drapes aren't just for the inside of your home. Outdoor curtains can add a romantic touch around a patio, inside a gazebo, or framing the doorway of a walk-out patio. Choosing the best types of curtains and drapery for outdoor use is key to ensuring both their beauty and longevity. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Consider the elements

Outdoor curtains come treated for different types of use. You will need mildew- and water-resistant drapes if they will be exposed to moisture or rain, for example, or UV-resistant varieties for those exposed to direct sunlight. Check the hanging location throughout the day to determine what elements the drapery will be exposed to so you can purchase the best type.

Tip #2: Let in some light

Unless you want the deepest of privacy, sheers are usually the best choice for outdoor use. The only exception is drapes meant to create a changing area, such as near a pool or hot tub. Otherwise, sheers provide some slight privacy along with still allowing in plenty of light and even the breeze. You can also opt to double-hang drapes, layering sheers over more opaque fabric. Simply open the opaque layer when you desire more light.

Tip #3: Check the care requirements

Due to the treatments done to the fabric to make them durable in the outdoors, the drapes may have exacting care requirements. For example, it may be advised to avoid hot water or heat drying, since this can ruin a waterproof coating. Check the care requirements before purchasing and make sure you can commit to the standard necessary to maintain the drapes.

Tip #4: Determine your hardware needs

The final issue is deciding how you will hang the drapes. For a standard rod installation, you can choose tab-top, grommet-style, or rod-pocket drapes. All of these options are readily available in a range of colors and designs. If you opt to use hooks to hang the curtains, you will need to go with grommet-style curtains, since you can install a hook for each grommet. Automatic or pull-string drapes are also an option outdoors, but this will require purchasing drapes intended for use with curtain hooks so you can hook them into the operating mechanics of the automatic rod.

Visit a drapery showroom in your area to see all of the options available. A touch of fabric can make your outdoor living space a comfortable and gorgeous spot to spend your summer days and nights. Contact a company like Budget Blinds Of Coachella Valley for more information.