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4 Tips For Preserving Your Outdoor Garden With Minimal Effort

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Some people wake up enthused, ready to toil away in their gardens several hours a day, tilling, weeding, watering, and pruning until everything is picture perfect. The simple fact is that most people lead busy lives, and by large, they have little desire to dedicate that much time to maintaining their outdoor gardening spaces. What is desirable in this day and age is a low maintenance garden that can be tended to in minimal, short spurts. Set up an outdoor space that is friendly to the occasional gardening with these four helpful tips.

1. Prepping For a Low-Maintenance Garden - To have a garden that will all but maintain itself in between being watered and tended to, certain things need to be set up accordingly in the beginning. Picking the right kind of soil that retains water for longer, choosing the location of your garden and planting hardy plants will help you to set up a garden that doesn't require any extra fuss.

2. Repelling Animals and Insects - If you don't want to spend your spare time warding off rabbits, slugs, and other wildlife that will be attracted to your garden, it is best to establish defenses in all directions. Burying chicken wire below the bed of your garden will help to prevent animals and insects from burrowing through the soil in your garden, potentially damaging plant roots. Repellent sprays can also be utilized to make your garden unattractive to birds, insects, and animals.

3. Weed Control and Prevention - Some gardens can withstand a steady attack from insects and animals only to be taken out by one of their own. Sneaky weeds can be nearly undetectable, either disguising themselves as other plants or simply blending in with existing plants. Pulling up each weed by hand can provide some relief, but remember that fast-growing weeds can appear in as little as two to three days.

Successful weed control in outdoor gardens requires an aggressive system that combines weed pulling, soil tilling, and chemical weed killer application. You might end up putting in a little more work into your garden than usual, but once your weed issue is under control, you can easily go back to your low maintenance routine.

4. Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter - When temperatures fall, changes will need to be made to your outdoor garden maintenance plan. Some plants may need to be covered for the winter, while others may require replanting in a warmer environment. Your garden will not be as heavily targeted by crawling insects or animals during colder weather, but weeds often use any opportunity available to thrive - even brisk temperatures.

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