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4 Simple Ways to Protect Against Mice

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As fall rolls in and the temperature drops outside, mice tend to move back indoors. At the start of fall, it is important to be proactive about rodent control in order to keep them out of your home.

#1: Get Rid of Any Mice Present in Your Home

The first thing you need to do is get rid of any mice that are still present in your home. The two best ways to get rid of rodents are either through trapping or baiting. You can set up snap traps that quickly come down on the mice and kill them fast. You can also set-up bait style traps, where you put bait in the traps in order to lure the mice into the trap. This will allow you to either poison the mice right there or trap them in the cage and set them free elsewhere.

Consider putting traps in areas where mice are typically present, such as along pathways. You can usually tell where they like to run in your home by looking for both gnaw marks and small black droppings.

A pest control professional can set the traps in the right place and monitor the traps for you.

#2: Seal Up Your House

Second, you need to seal your home against mice. Keep in mind that not only are they tiny, they can also squeeze down and fit through incredibly small openings, especially when they are young. That means you need to close every home that you find while inspecting the inside and outside of your house, no matter how tiny it seems. A professional pest control company can inspect the inside and outside of your home and seal up all entry points with a material that mice can't chew through. They will know where to look for small holes and can effectively seal up your home.

#3: Get Rid of Food Sources

Third, you need to get rid of any food sources that attract mice. If you have fruit trees outside your home, clean up the fruit and don't just let it rot on the ground. If you have pets, keep the food inside of a sealed container, not just in a loose bag. Inside of your home, keep all food inside of containers. Deep clean your kitchen and any rooms you eat food in to reduce crumbs.

#4: Use Some Mints

Mice do not like the smell of mint. Plant some mint plants in pots around the outside of your home. Inside of your home, apply peppermint oil to any areas where you have seen mice in the past. That smell of mint should help to keep the rodents away.

Hopefully, these tips help. Work with pest control services to eliminate and keep mice out of your home.