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A Widespread Faucet Design And Installation Guidelines

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Widespread faucets contain separate handles that are each designated for cold or hot water. The handles mount independently through holes that are installed along the top part of a sink counter. The connections for the handles and faucet need to be installed underneath a sink counter.

Centerset Faucets

Centerset faucets contain a spout and dual handles that are connected together. These types of faucets can be installed on compact or roomy sink counters. The layout of a centerset faucet is fixed, therefore eliminating any discrepancies in how much space is between the sink components. Centerset faucets are basic in style and may be constructed of various metal types and finishes.

Widespread Faucets

A widespread faucet will provide flexibility in the manner in which a faucet is installed. Due to the concealment of attachment pieces, a widespread faucet will provide an organized and stylish element to a bathroom or kitchen sink. Widespread faucet parts can be spread out, based on space constraints or design preferences.

A widespread faucet can be used to support the use of a corner sink. A widespread model can also be used to support the use of a standard sink that is centrally located. Like centerset faucets, widespread models come in many metals and finish types. Brushed nickel, chromium, titanium, and aluminum components are often used to construct widespread faucet components.

Styles And Installation Requirements

Widespread faucets come in many contemporary and classic designs. Faucet handles include lever, blade, and cross models. Various finishes that are applied to faucet materials may provide the metal pieces with a distinct color or texture. To install a widespread faucet set, you will need to mark the areas on the sink counter where the faucet pieces will be installed.

After doing this, a power drill will need to be used to create holes in the counter. All of the plumbing components that come in a widespread bathroom faucet set should be identified and lined up, prior to the installation process. The hardware and plumbing lines that are attached to the faucet and handles will need to remain underneath the counter.

If a fully-encased cabinet is located under the counter, all of the pieces that are used to attach a widespread cabinet will be hidden. If there are any uncertainties in how far apart the bathroom sink components should be, you should experiment with various layouts, prior to drilling holes through your bathroom sink counter.

For more information about widespread bathroom faucets, contact a home contractor in your area.