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4 Contemporary Design Ideas And Fun Facts

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Your home is your private space where you often spend most of your time. For that reason, you want to ensure your living space provides you with the comfort and bliss you deserve. Selecting the right furnishings and design can make all the difference. A modern contemporary design is often appealing because it reflects creativity and elegance. Knowing what to look for and how to choose the right contemporary furniture for your home can assist you in making the correct choices. 

Focus on Fabrics and Textures

Contemporary furniture often uses natural elements like wood, metal, cotton, wool, or silk. Therefore, an upholstered couch in a neutral color with soft curves would make an excellent choice for a contemporary living room.

Fun Fact: A house and car are the most expensive purchases a person makes, but did you know the third most costly purchase is upholstery?

Select Your Color Palette

The great thing about a contemporary design is the neutral color palette. Because modern design uses a neutral color palette, it makes it easy for you to add a pop of color using just about any color you wish. Make sure you do not use too much color. Instead, choose rugs, paintings, throw pillows, blankets, and decor, so your added color serves as an accent rather than a primary focus. 

Fun Fact: Contemporary design uses a neutral color palette to maintain sleek cleanliness for flexibility and modernity.

Consider Size and Shape

The goal of a contemporary design is to leave the space looking clean and free of clutter. Therefore, you will often find that contemporary furniture is not overwhelmingly large. Instead, the furniture you select should fit well enough into the space without dominating it. Also, remember that modern furniture often has straight lines, whereas contemporary furniture features soft, curvy lines.

Fun Fact: Statistics show that the most popular piece of upholstered furniture purchased in the US is the sectional sofa.

Choose Your Lighting Wisely

Contemporary design is about more than just furniture. When you visit your local furniture store, talk to a professional about your desire to achieve a contemporary interior look. An expert can help you choose the correct lighting. Choose high-end light fixtures that are non-intrusive, such as pendant lighting in enclosed spaces and a sleek and stylized hanging light fixture for open spaces.

Fun Fact: Design artists often use interior lighting that accents certain pieces, such as art, decor, or a central element of contemporary furniture in a room.

Contact a local furniture store to learn more about contemporary furniture