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Four Signs Your Home's Roof Is In Need Of A Repair

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If you want to maintain the structural integrity of your home, then frequent maintenance inspections of the roof are essential. Not only does your roof safeguard against wet weather conditions but it protects the structure beneath it from excessive exposure to wind and sunlight too. All too often, however, homeowners don't think about their property's roof until there is a problem. Instead, you should keep an eye open for the following signs of problems and seek professional assistance as soon as any are detected. This will save you money by potentially avoiding the need for a full roof replacement when a simpler repair can be carried out instead. Read on to discover more about the typical indications there are of a roof repair being needed. 

1. Missing Shingles or Tiles

The first sign of potential trouble with your roof is the presence of damaged or missing elements. Both shingles and tiles, depending on what sort of roof you have, serve as a protective barrier for your home. If they are cracked, curled, or missing, then it's a clear sign you need a roof repair specialist. Tile and shingle damage may lead to leaks, which can further harm your home's structure and your belongings within.

2. Rainwater Ingress

The second indicator is water damage or leaks inside your home. If you notice spots of water or discoloration on your ceilings or walls, then it is probable that your roof is leaking even if it is currently at a relatively low level. Furthermore, if you detect an increase in humidity or a musty odor inside your home, then an immediate roof inspection would be advisable.

3. Poorly Performing Insulation

Thirdly, a sudden spike in your energy bills can also point to a problem with the roofline. If your roof's insulation is compromised, then you may experience heat loss in the winter or, conversely, trouble keeping your home cool in the summer. Either way, this can lead to an unwanted upturn in heating or cooling costs. Often, a simple roof repair can deal with this problem and have an almost immediate effect on your utility expenditure.

4. Sagging Rooflines

Another common sign that a roof repair will be needed is the presence of sagging areas. This is a serious problem and could be an indicator of structural issues, possibly with the decking in the attic or with the rotting joists and beams. If you notice a sagging area from the inside or from a visual inspection outdoors, then you should contact a professional immediately. Otherwise, you may see your roof partially collapsing quite soon down the line.

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