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A Guide to Maintaining Commercial Lawn Equipment

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For people who want the freedom of acting as their own boss and the satisfaction of working outdoors and with their hands, lawn care has become an increasingly popular career option. Owning your own lawn care service can be an extremely rewarding venture, but also requires that you take certain steps to make sure your business stays as efficient and profitable as possible. Below, you’ll find a guide to some steps for maintaining your commercial lawn care equipment. Read More»

6 Low-Pollen Flowers For Wedding Floral Arrangements

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Even if you don’t suffer from pollen allergies, the chances are good that your guest list contains those who experience significant respiratory distress when exposed to the airborne pollen generated by wedding flowers. Fortunately, you’ve got many low-pollen floral alternatives available that make gorgeous bridal bouquets and decorative arrangements. Following are six of them. Closed-bud Roses Roses are a classic wedding flower that many brides simply don’t want to do without, but they also feature high levels of pollen. Read More»

5 Tips For Shoveling Snow

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Removing snow from your driveway or patio can be daunting. Plus, if it is snowing a great deal, it can become frustrating to have to clear the snow on a daily basis or even twice a day. Here are five tips to make shoveling snow much easier: Prepare: Before you go out to shovel snow, you want to be sure that you are prepared for the job in the right way. Read More»

How To Make Your Family Room Into An Entertainment Center

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Are you turning your family room into an entertainment center? That’s what a lot of people are doing today, so join the crowd! More and more people are opting to stay home rather than go to the movies. It has just gotten to be very expensive, as ticket and concession costs are sky high. Besides, there’s something special about sitting in your own home with your family and friends as you curl up with pop corn and your favorite soda. Read More»

Getting Your Toilet To Flush

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If your toilet has unexpectedly become clogged, you will want to go through a series of steps in an attempt to get the contents to go down. Here are some methods for you to use to try to unclog your toilet without needing to call a plumber. Turn Off The Water Start by turning of the water supply so you will not have a chance of an overflow. This is usually located on the back wall behind your toilet. Read More»