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Identifying The Three Most Common Tree Diseases And How To Properly Treat Them

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Trees are susceptible to diseases just as humans are. If you do not properly care for your trees they can fall victim to illnesses which can spread to the rest of your trees and plants, putting your entire yard at risk. Inspect your trees and plants daily. If you notice that your trees are not looking as healthy as usual, you will want to treat them right away to prevent death of the tree roots. Read More»

Looking For A Trendy New Way To Finish Your Floors? Acid Stain The Concrete!

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When you are looking to refinish the floors inside your home, you have many, many options to choose from. Homeowners commonly choose carpet, tile, or laminate, but they rarely consider decorative concrete — until recently. Today, there are several decorative options for indoor concrete, one of the most unique being acid stain. What is acid stain? Acid stain is a chemical coloring process used on concrete. A combination of water, mineral salts, and muratic acid is applied to the surface of the concrete, and over several hours a chemical reaction colors the concrete without the help of any dyes or pigments. Read More»

Saving Moolah While Protecting Your HVAC Unit

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Many consumers neglect calling for air conditioning service because their unit is running well and they don’t want to waste money on an unnecessary service call. This negligence can be hazardous to your heating and air conditioning unit over time. This is because dirty evaporator coils can lead to larger and more costly problems. Saving Money by Scheduling Bi-Annual Maintenance Schedule maintenance on your HVAC unit once during the spring and again in the autumn to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. Read More»

How To Manage Lawn Care For Your Rental Homes

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Healthy lawns make a home look more desirable, increasing both their value and curb appeal. When it comes to your rental homes, there is no guarantee that the tenants will take care of the lawn properly. You generally have three choices when it comes to your rental property: Trust the tenants to value and care for the lawn. Do it yourself. Hire a mowing and lawn care service. Read More»

How To Easily Repair Furniture

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If you have recently purchased an old piece of furniture at a yard sale or thrift shop, you can easily refinish it in the comfort of your home. Furniture repair can be a therapeutic and fulfilling activity, and many people will buy a piece of furniture to see what treasure it holds beneath years of dirt and grime. Here are some tips that you can use to refinish an old piece of wood furniture of your own. Read More»